Friday, June 29, 2012

No Moo Moo!...Please

I am encountering a possible milk protein allergy in Isabella, as I'm sure lots of parents navigate in the confusing, question-filled time before they reach 2 years old and the testing for allergies can start. It is really frustrating. If you are curious whether your child may have a milk protein or lactose allergy I found a good article here on the symptoms, it helped me figure out what was going on with Bella.

During my pregnancy, I started to have a bad milk reaction. It would make me really sick for the entire day, even if I just had enough for a bowl of cereal. Then later, when I was nursing and ate dairy Bella was fussy and had some tummy issues. So, our Pediatrician is wanting us to not give her any dairy until two.

Fine with me, minus the fact that I have one of those family members that does not listen to my food wishes when she is with Bella. She has been sneaking her cream cheese, grr! And I think little dabs of ice cream (!!!) So now the new fruits and veggies I have been trying with her have me all confused because how I am supposed to know if she is reacting to a new food or the cream cheese?

I guess I got my answer after her legs were covered in hives yesterday. Not fun and she was a little fussy but I gave her a bath and a little A&D and she is fine today.

I was attempting to find some tips online as to how to nicely put it when you have a family member like mine who you love and respect but that does not listen to the restrictions you have on your child's diet. It's really hard and uncomfortable to have to be that way. I love and respect her and want her to have all the access to Bella that she wants and value her opinion and tips on mostly everything, except with my child's eating habits. She is very old school and believes nothing has changed since she reared her own children, and oh boy have they! You will probably end up being the bad guy and bite the bullet like I did and have to really put your foot down, even mentioning not bringing your child around as much, but hey if it's for Bella's safety and health there isn't anything I wouldn't do.

I wish all of you the best of luck if you have a family member who doesn't listen to your parental wishes, and I hope you can all find a common ground because family and love are the most important things to have in your child's life and they will forever benefit from what they learn from those around them.

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  1. My son has a milk protein allergy. We learned around the same age what it was. It has been a challenge, but we manage to keep his risk minimized to nearly zero chance of contact. Message me if you like.